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This site is for a million and one different things, but largely for our writing, archiving work we love, and sharing our art.

We're very radically and agressively queer, so be warned that much of what we say is going to be passionate and gross at times. We love the intricacies and nitty gritty of things and this might squick/trigger some people. Be careful!

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- A snippet of my writing. -

Their stomach boiled with the meal, eating them from the inside. They laced their boots and pushed open the resistant door, a heavy, smothering thing. Cold windows stared through shifting vertebrae as they left. The twigs crunched underfoot, coniferous trees towering over them and providing shade from the relentless, angry brightness. They felt like a shaky surgeon, unsteady hand carving a scalpel through muscle and tendon that resisted parting. The ferns they brushed past moved quickly to seal the cuts left behind by their path. The soil seemed hesitant to be imprinted upon. They didn’t stop walking, the deafening silence of the woods driving them on.

The sun had reached its zenith in the sky when they finally heard their neighbor greet them, a rustling of the foliage signifying its presence. They didn’t care to look behind them, pressing forward, fully intending to remain ignorant to their companion. It followed, a relaxed gait brushing past ferns and low-hanging pine boughs. Life seemed to follow it, the hum of flies and dulcet songs from a choir of finches parting the air behind them. They didn’t bother turning around, knowing they would only be greeted with a gaping absence. It followed happily, a thrilled dog. They walked faster.

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